Friday, 28 August 2009

Baddies @ Esquires, Bedford 27/8/09

I hadn't been to a gig in over a week because of my car incident and have been keeping my head down to make the monies for a bit, that's all over now anyway I got a wad and amazing gigs coming up! First up Baddies!

You can find my previous reviews for baddies here-

And that is why I was pumped and happy to drive two hours for them.

I'd never heard of bedford before, and rightly so. It's a small place I wouldn't expect anyone ever has to go unless they live there, the venue was just a room above a pub where they clearly sometimes hold honesttoshitfuck DISCOS... More on this later

Kilto take were great, clear vocals, catchy guitar and bass lines, nice performance. These guys were apparently also from bedford and a few people knew the words and stuff, they also had a fangirl who was passed out in the car park by the end of the night.

I took this picture of michael watching kilto take with the nme write up in the foreground it's ok quality but the idea behind it was killer. Speaking of which I was gonna say hey as I was at that legendary thekla gig but the thing about having a twin is there's always a bit of doubt in your mind, when these guys are next to each other you can tell but apart you're worried about looking like a douche. I am anyway, i'm a little paranoid about everything though :)

They kicked off with "i'm not a machine" which is an awesome track. I didn't know what to expect from the venue and maybe I'd set my sights too high after such an amazing first time with them but after being the only person who clapped on the line "the lights only work when you clap see" and nobody getting quite what they were delivering it was pretty clear this crowd or rather audience were pretty inexperienced gig wise. That's a polite way of saying they were bs.

The venue was just not designed for a band like baddies, it'd be more suited to keane and coldplay and u2 and other wishy washy shit like that. It had a dance floor, no kidding- a dance floor right in front of the stage which may as well have been filled with sharks with lazer beams attached to their frickin heads the effect it had on the atmosphere.

They're playing reading this weekend and are going to be amazing and will enter the public consciousness whether they play the exact same set they did tonight or not they're that good and unique. Fact of the matter is that they'll be playing academies within 6 months and that's exactly where they should be. Make sure you catch them when they do.

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