Saturday, 8 August 2009

The tenth stage

The Tenth Stage

While this was buffering, having read the description, I was thinking "please be amazing" from the first note I knew I'd be writing up these guys.

I've not been as excited to be thrust into a genre since my flirtation with goth rock earlier this year and believe me I didn't even know theatrical steampunk was a genre... I barely even knew they were words.

In theory this music should be the most popular thing on the planet, but then in another way you could also say that these are bands who just write their own musical theatre but there's way more to it than that, a whole new world... *ahem*

It's not impossible to compare these to more attainable artists, Patrick Wolf I'm sure is indebted to this genre, Scary Mansion could easily tour with these guys and all those novelty acts like the aliens and I think they were called wombats but they're pretty much this genre just with a lot less cool.

Stay tuned because I'm blogging about Miles Davis tomorrow. You gotta love the eclecticism.

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