Sunday, 2 August 2009

Band of the day- 6 day riot

When you come back from a festival after you don't listen to any music for a few hours you'll find you tend to listen to a few artists more than any other from the festival, and sometimes it's the ones you didn't really expect. First for me, it was Fanfarlo, they were majestic, I listened to their album about 8 times the second day back but since then...

Band of the Day- 6 Day riot

The biography on 6 day riot's website is lengthy but worth a read, it tells of members leaving on the eve of their biggest tour, broken dreams, breakthrough songs written in planes on the way to canadian festivals, it pretty much has everything and it looks like it's going to have a happy ending.

I don't really do folk music so don't be put off by 6 day riot's folkier-than-fuck tag because watching them they're like actually living in a wild west movie and drinking in a saloon while they play catchier than hell songs at you while you fall in love with former gymnast Tamara Schlesinger. You'll see what I mean...

Run for your life
O those kids
Go! Canada

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