Sunday, 9 August 2009

Miles Davis

Miles Davis (1926-1991)

What a picture. Sometimes it only takes a picture to say everything you need about someone. None of those people are Miles Davis though, I could write a diarahma up in here and barely scratch the surface. I think it's nice hearing how people get into different kinds of music though so maybe you'll dig how I found out how incredible this guy's music is.

Now I think about it, it's not a terribly interesting story. But you know, I heard this recently-

"Years ago I took a trip to New York with a girlfriend. We were just a couple of kids. It was our last night. A warm August night, not a whisper of breeze. And we heard that Miles Davis was playing but when we got there, Man, we couldn't afford the admission. We were pretty crestfallen. But down the alley one of the staff had a side door open and you could hear the music drifting out. Well, the guy let us stand there. And those long cool notes, that lazy langorous sound that Miles had, just came floating out into the night. And I stood there, with my arms around my girl, listening to that magical mournful sound. I didn't have a cent but I felt like the King of the World."

It doesn't matter where it's from, if you know where it is you can probably see why saying might take something away from the mystique! Bottom line is I heard two stories about miles davis before actually listening to him, both remarkable in the poignant nostalgia over the details of an evening in his presence and listening to him with that in mind, is amazing. A smoke filled bar, 2am, a pioneer of jazz digging the scene for hours while you hold the night as tight as you will tomorrow never wanting it to end.

The argument tends to be over which album is better Bitches brew -v- kind of blue. I'd reccomend getting into one of those first. My personal favourite track is the little blue frog, I didn't even know it was even possible to do this kind of thing with music. The atmosphere and textures that he creates with his music and composure is indescribable. I didn't like jazz, I wouldn't say I'm converted to the genre but everybody has to hear this man, your life is missing something without his music in it.

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