Tuesday, 11 August 2009

We'll make it right /The Jezabels

We'll make it right

One of many bands i've found great new albums from recently, though these are the guys that inspired me to actually write about them. Pretty interesting bio too-

"From the 3rd till 10th of January 2009, Benny Sings, Bo Koek (Les Frogs), Bart Suèr, Dean Tippet, Roos Jonker and Extraa were We’ll Make It Right. They planned a week long gathering in a place called The Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam. Bringing some instruments an a recorder, to set things straight. In a cabin with… “We’ll Make It Right”."

I'm all for innovative creation and these guys seem to have gotten everything right that week, check them out...

All you have to do is go to the following link, enter any name and any e-mail address in and click download!


O.K I just heard The jezabels for the first time and wow you're gonna hear more from them. They're how I wish florence and the machine sounded. Fortunately they're australian so they're probably safe from the britpop shit recycler that got to oh- kate nash, duffy, florence, little boots, vv brown and innumerable others who have seen potentially fulfilling careers condenced into 5 minutes of fame.

Get the EP here! :)

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