Monday, 3 August 2009

Don't call it a supergroup! (Monsters of folk)

Conor Oberst's definately good at making you do your work to be called a real connosieur of his work, between bright eyes, the mystic valley band, desperaciados, the split ep's, guest appearences and to a lesser extent- commander venus lol he's now back with super group "monsters of folk" with mike mogis of bright eyes and M. Ward of she and him i suppose and jim james of no less than My morning jacket. This has to be good right?

Right. This is amazing, it's got both the feeling of genius colliding and four friends rocking out together doing what they do best and for each of them that involves different areas, as long as conor's on lyrics so i'm pretty much happy to leave everyone to their own devices although james and ward do get in on the act. The result, surely cacophonic emo-folk bliss.

Say please

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