Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sad day for puppets- Marble Gods

Yeah so it's been a while, I'm getting the outroversion band hyping band wagon back on the band discovering trail. So I was at truck festival this last weekend, probably why i've been ill the past week (due to rocking out every single possible second!) it was amazing, I'd love to do a review of the whole thing but you know it'd just reference a bunch of in jokes between friends, me hanging out with bands, telling you that I decided to have both bacon and cheese on my burger but decided against the egg and on the sunday morning we thought it would be a good idea to buy champagne before getting to the gate and realising we have to pour it into a water bottle before getting in..

But I will be covering all the amazing bands I saw there, there's going to be more fanfalrlo if that is indeed possible, 6 day riot, sad day for puppets, broken records, joy formidable, ash, and their hearts were full of spring, red light company, winersleep, wild beasts, dear reader, dive dive and of course- Funk Tanker.

And so, first up-

Sad Day for puppets- Marble Gods

They're from Sweden, they closed the village pub at truck, I was at Frank Turner so missed them. They've only played gigs in london before so it was a rarity getting them in the midlands so fairly devastated to miss them although they'll be getting bigger and hopefully be coming back.

Fronted by Anna Eklund's breathy vocals draping themselves over 1990's brit pop style guitars like philidelphia light over anything i've eaten over the past week. This track definates SDFP, it outlines everything that is great about them, gorgeous vocals, guitars which feel like they're about to break into bohemian rhapsody territory before feedbacking all over your face.

In the independant band of the day review (the most amazing and in depth, comprehensive collection of new artists you will ever see) they were listed as "Most likely to: Move to Oxford." this would please me no end, the day they become the jericho house band would be the day I considered sticking around in this morbid excuse for a world power... So yes, amazing uplifting, swedish pop pleasure!

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  1. truck was amazing, i think you saw all the bands i wanted to see that clashed so will be good to hear some opinions... thanks for this too