Tuesday, 4 August 2009

muse- united states of eurasia

Muse- United States of Eurasia

It's a tricky business; writing a song in a style so reminiscent of another band that any advances made musically by your own band become irrelevant as people focus on what can either be seen as a parody or an homage. Muse will be hoping for the latter, that their Brian May guitar solos and Freddie Mercury inspired lyrical themes and delivery are seen as a masterstroke and one that will propel their band into mainstream acceptance. Which is what muse have always been aiming for, sickening as that is.

Muse's live shows used to be more about the lazers than the music, in future I'm expecting them to be more about what other hooks they're putting on this album. However, I won't dismiss their next step before they've made it, and at least people are talking about the music, I'm looking forward to seeing what their next move is though.

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