Thursday, 6 August 2009

Artist of the day- Polly Scattergood

Polly Scattergood

The other day I was playing a song on my guitar and decided to change all of the minor notes and chords to major formations, the difference was quite astounding. I think Holly Throsby would dig this idea, Polly Scattergood on the other hand isn't bothered with that, she's as dark as everyone else wishes they were. Her music's beautifully intense without being pressing, the cloud is just there, circling.

"The journies she takes us on begin with hope before being dragged back by the darkness, like cat power said, the schizophrenia's weighing me down. You can never escape yourself, only change who you are."

Here's some lyrics from untitled 27-

"Suicidal tendencies
Drain creativity
Numb the music


  1. Polly´s music is trying to describe a sensation...

    The sensation is about our being in this old world of ours, just being, breathing and living in the moment. Life, laughter & love, perhaps?

    Not an eazy task, if You ask me. But I wish her good luck on this road. Not an eazy road, but she has choosen it, and i em waiting .... oh yeah, for some more music from this talented girl. Thanks to Mute records for takin´ in such an talented artist! Respect!

  2. Love her music, very 'immediate', very 'now' long may she live.