Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tiny Telephone

Way back when Death cab for cutie tickets cost between £8-£12 and I got to see them 6 times in a tour I was lucky enough to have one of the most important support acts I've ever seen. John Vanderslice. Ben raved about the guy and in particular his latest album, Pixel revolt. I got to see him I think 5 times that tour as he didn't support at Brixton but maaaan like I have 6 ultimate playlists on my ipod Death cab, pinback, modest mouse, chili peppers, foo fighters and john vanderslice, with great cause.

Pixel revolt was a masterpiece, sure. But he's got such a great back catalogue and an awesomely devoted fan base which he totally reciprocates, like the drunk guy on the video says he's nice! His headline shows are completely for the fans which is perfect because his back catalogue is exemplary really something to get your teeth into and lyric wise? Exemplary.

He seems to have his finger right on the pulse of his constituency and that's thanks in no small part to him having his own kick ass studio which he totally maintains, and is personally responsible for and check out some of the acts he's had in there-

Mountain Goats
Okkervil River
Mates of state
Rogue Wave

And obviously death cab. I'll be doing posts on mountain goats, deerhoof and neutral milk hotel pretty soon so hold your hats. Sorry for no links but thing about JV is he's an exciting artist to discover yourself so i'm not going to point anyone in a particular direction. But once you've gotten in check out MK Ultra and mass suicide occult figurines.

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