Sunday, 8 March 2009

Time to break out the new stuff

I've posted alot of stuff from the bands I was into around 03-04 and onwards recently, not sure why guess I just crave for a simpler time! Things aren't all bad though, still sunny... that's one thing :D Thing is i am kinda stuck in the 98-05 period at the mo I keep downloading new stuff and listening to it, rating it to listen to at a later date but not giving it too much attention, but here is the new stuff I am liking...

Metric- Help I'm alive

Emily Haines gives me hope for all the bands that have made a masterful album and you think surely that's it there's nowhere they can go, well first there was monster hospital which was mammoth but this track is humungous like some prehistoric animal that eats mammoths, a t-rex on a mammoth only diet, orginal, great music, great lyrics, remaining true to metric's sound but still moving forward.

Kings of Leon- Sex is on fire

I am apprehensive about posting these guys cos they're getting so much press over here but when I'm in the states or canada no one cares and I respect their taste in music more than england because england, as a whole if i may generalise an entire nation with one sweeping statement, have poor taste in music and are stuck in mid 90s and if mr. blobby was released again they'd all cream their pants :) I also realise this track isn't THAT new. Anyway it's still a great track, definately have to have sex to it one of these days!

Camera Obscura- My maudlin career

Doesn't get too much newer than this, this album doesn't come out for two months! I love this band, saw them live at truck last year outside on a lovely summers afternoon, beautiful stuff. Underachievers please try harder is one of my favourite 100 albums of all time. Check them out and then go and *DISCLAIMER* Go and buy some of their stuff lol

The decemberists- Hazards of love

So the new decemberists album leaked last night, being such a big death cab fan i dont' have all that much time to get into a band that has a similarlarly extensive back catalogue so i give them nothing more than a passing listen, an interpollic or vandesliscic listening if you will! I'm downloading this at the mo so haven't listened to it but you can pretty much gaurantee it's going to be awesome.

The joy formidable- A balloon called moaning

I've been banging on about this band for so long and finally their album is coming out, seeing them support howling bells next week. This is the whole album, I should maybe change the title of this post to "links to leaked albums" for I have found the most awesome thing, you remember how AIM was the first place to have albums leaked? Well get with the times cos it's 2009 and now it's twitter that has leaked the biggest albums of late, U2, the yeah yeah yeahs, decemberists, uh kelly clarkson... and the two i've posted here, hope the fat cats don't catch on lol also remember to check on to rip off your favourite artists kids :DDDDD

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