Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Every now and then I'll be holding in my hand my gigantic, throbbing, insatiable ipod and feel like i don't know what I want to listen to, this is where the shuffle function comes in handy and is also always the moment when i'm like fuck me i have good taste in music. I have over 17000 tracks on there and to be able to trust in it randomly pouring out awesomeness definately makes all the work worthwhile, as indeed, life.

So i'm just going to post whatever is playing through the speakers! I'll even go to the effort of uploading things that aren't on the net. Also this'll mean this blog won't just be all death cab, pinback, babyshambles etc!

Aqueduct- Hardcore Days/Softcore Nights
The cranberries- I can't be with you
Blue October- Calling you
Gregory & The Hawk- Blame Qui
Nirvana- Swap Meet
Motorhead- Bite the bullet
Daphne loves Derby- Stranger you & I
Andrew Bird- Fake Palindromes
We Start Fires- Wicked Spell

This was a lot of fun! Got to listen to great music and share it. This should be all my blog is then I wouldn't have to think, just put Simon D4 (that's it's name, the 4 is because it's had to be replaced 3 times. I think this ones... actually i won't jinx it!) on shuffle and just write down what happens! Great tracks for real.

But bottom line, library wise, everyone's gonna have some stuff they'd probably be a little embarassed about if they put it on shuffle at a party and it came on. When I was sort of 16 I went through a bit of a "listening to female artists who i think are hot" phase artists like delta goodrem, avril lavigne, bic runga, in a way these chicks were still cool and good lyricists so you can indeed nibble on my nuts. And if you're thinking of bagging on avril lavigne, may I present her defence-

I'm with you
How does it feel
Losing Grip
Keep holding on

Yeah so please do suck on my sack. She also triggered my post-adolescant enamouré with canadian accents and girls. So excuuuuse meee if i get defensive!

The best advice I can give anyone who has a hard time finding new music and I'm aware that it happens but i'm like how the fuck there's so much. If I was to give a 22 step program it'd go-

  1. Get a 120gb ipod classic
  2. Don't get obsessed with putting your cds on it'll happen eventually
  3. Think of the artists you like and download their libraries
  4. Download
  5. Go to the reccomendations page and download those libraries
  6. Look on your neighbours pages and download their libraries
  7. Download every indie/rock playlist that was made by chriznittle
  8. Subscribe to blalock's playlist
  9. Research the support acts when you go to gigs
  10. Listen to what music people like rather than telling them what they should (yeah fucking hard!)
  11. Put your ipod on shuffle and download the libraries of anyone you like and don't know
  12. Rate you music intelligently and use genius to find what you'll like on there
  13. Download those libraries
  14. Read NME the magazine and website
  15. Use NME as your bible
  16. Read blogs
  17. Use the hype machine
  18. Be aware at the very least of under the radar
  19. Go to as many gigs as possible
  20. Talk to as many people as possible
  21. Be open minded
  22. Have your life become a constant quest to find new music to the point of obsession
= Killer itunes library!


I've also fallen in love with this track a bit recently-

The Killers- Romeo and Juliet

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  1. I would add a 23rd step:

    23. Frequently visit RCRD LBL and download every free track they offer: