Thursday, 19 March 2009

Beatles- Revolution 1 (Take 20)

Of course, it's no carnival of light but it is a brilliant insight into the white album sessions and also into the relationship between #1 and the avante-garde #9. From what I understand take 20 is a live take with layers of takes 18 and 19 upon it, apparently the white album is to be remastered and re-released next year and this is from that. There were only two copies of this and due to one of them being in Yoko Ono's possesion it's been suggested she released it to overshadow paul's carnival of light which is generally considered the holy grail of lost beatles tracks and, although this has been true for a decade, appears as imminent as ever.

Here's the track- Revolution- Take 20

Also this is supposedly part of carnival of light, might be, might not be.

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  1. The Beatles = genius.

    Thanks for sharing this track :D