Saturday, 28 March 2009


*The music in this post is from sort of 2005 time so obviously check previous and future posts for new music*

I'm having to do a post on older bands as my uploader isn't working but i've got a bunch of new stuff lined up for tomorrow.

These are all bands that I feel like are the same genre, to me they are, in that they're u.k bands I saw while I was at university in 2005/06 and they've gone on to not be big but have really faithful followings and their gigs are just like going and hanging with friends because there's no band wagon for anyone to jump on. I absolutely love all 4 of these bands.

Young Knives- Hot Summer

My relationship with the young knives is a pretty killer one, I saw them first at the old firestation in bournemouth along with about 4 other people! I played bass with them at that gig and then went backstage to drink with them. It was great but I was a bit drunk. Second time was bristol, travelled all the way there just to see them, it was just before they released their album and i was well into it, met up with tom (house of lords) again great night. Last time was at their homecoming gig at oxford after their second album had been a bit dissapointing and it was so nice, huge cowley road love in. They're twee and have some really catchy tunes, I absolutely adore their first album.

Rumble Strips- Motorcycle

I partied with the band after I saw them the first time, was immense so much alcohol, I have an nme from that night somewhere that got written over by everyone. I just jumped over the barrier and went and said hey, they had loads of drinks so twas good times. Charlie wore slippers. They're a ska influenced indie band, this was not a plus point for a guy in the toilets who said to me, "if I wanted to listen to trumpets i'd go and watch bill clinton" it was at that point i decided i wasn't drunk enough! They make great tunes and are most at home at summer festivals but have gotten a great following despite being from devon and there's a lot of talk about their next album being their big breakthrough, i don't mind either way as long as they stick around.

Pete and the Pirates- Eyes like tar

From brighton I didn't listen to these guys cos for some reason I fucking hate pirates, i've no idea what it is i just can't stand pirates. The stupid movies, johnny depp, fish fingers, you name it just can't bag it. Anyway I happened upon them live one night and they had such an amazing following despite it being a chore to get to cowley from the east, their tunes were catchy and their bassist looks a bit like danny wallace, he writes great bass lines though and plays them superlatively. They're just a whole bag full of fun and I'm gonna see them every opportunity i get.

The long blondes- Appropriation by any other name/Once and never again

Ah what can I say about the long blondes? I love this band so much they were an immense part of my post-bournemouth pre-canada/post-canada-oxford times. I saw them for the first time at the old student union at brookes university, (same place i once saw death cab for £8) they were supporting automatic, boy kill boy and forward russia but they stole it for me. Kate Jackson was just SEX. And the music so catchy. I saw them again when I got back from canada at the academy which replaced the zodiac there after their second album came out and what a great night. Kate was just SEX again like during one of their songs I nearly made out with a fat chick the air in that room was so filled with pheromones, I shook it off though and just enjoyed the set! They've split up now, I was devo, the guy dorian had a stroke i believe maybe they'll get back together, it'll be amazing if they do, once again they have awesome fans. The video i've put up pretty much spells out why they were so cool.


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