Monday, 30 March 2009

Well kept secrets

I take some music and bands that I love as a given like I assume everyone else knows them too, i'm the same with knowledge and language, kinda have a bit of an inferiority complex! But that's why I haven't mentioned these bands yet, they're a mixture of bands that either i've seen in tiny venues and have had a chat with and gotten a cd off and been good enough to go onto my ipod, or other bands that i've seen that are relatively unknown at the moment but shouldn't be forever. There are some real gems here-

Rushing with apathy- A way out

So at my first university I used to smoke with this guy in the student village a few doors down, we did that and headed to the student union to drink and there was a battle of the bands on. These guys came on and it was like a proper concert, killer tunes, everyone digging it, talented as hell and holly who shares lead vocals was shaking it like a pro (she's quit the band and is now an erotic dancer funnily enough... i definately wanna see her one day!) but they brought the atmosphere, her vocals were icy and gothic like an atheist amy lee and the guitars were metal without being jarring. The band are done now, it's over, I really thought they were going to be mammoth they had endless great reviews around the area hyped up to hell. Ah well good memories. And just picture this chick (actual pic from the gig) grinding her ass off for the last two minutes of this track.

Dennis hopper choppers- Lust

Moles in bath, a fairly legendary place it seems, i won't say some of the things i've been told as I'm fairly sure some of them were apocryphal at best. None the less the killers played there before they were big and if there's more than 40 people in that place it's crammed. By the end of this night I was wearing someone elses shoes and wandering the streets in a psychotropic stupour... despite not having had any! This guy, it just one guy by the way... kinda looks like chris moyles... he sounds like what would happen if the scream mask made a record, intense, dark, deep, cutting vocals, drums that sounds like your smashing someones head against a wall repeatedly and a descriptive power struggle between him and his prey.

modernaire- bloodshed in the woodshed

I saw these guys at a gig I would rather not admit to being at... The ting tings alright, it was fun night get off my back alright?! Anyway these three were on before hand (Porn abbrev- FFM) and one girl in particular was pretty mesmerising, her vocals crystaline yet rugged and her dancing was MENTAL. I bought their EP afterwards, I have to say it wasn't remarkable as their stage show but still quality.

Crimea- Lottery Winners on Acid

I've seen these guys support young knives and modest mouse, as you can imagine at two entirely different venues! The lead singer davey looks a bit like lee evans and plays his guitar like a robot :)

Twisted Wheel- She's a weapon

I was getting ready to watch the courteeners again and i'd been pumped for ages but didn't check the support act, I went to the bathroom at the venue and unfortunately got into a conversation with a guy in there, he informed me that the band supporting are twisted wheel and they supported oasis on their last tour. I figured they must be awesome and fortunately, they were. They're once again supporting oasis this summer when i'm seeing them, this track isn't there best but it goes down a storm live.

Secret Handshake- Summer of '98

Ah jeez almost had an all english post! Anyway on the night I was introduced to TWLOHA when I saw the rocket summer for the first time these texans were playing when I walked in, i don't know why i was late, i think i couldn't go until the last minute and was lucky to get there at all. They were sort of emo electronic which I don't really dig but this track? Man it's on my summer lists from now on, it's a tune and a half.

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