Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I mentioned this one time before but today it's surpassed even that veritable bouquet of awesomenss to bring you a positive cornucopia of unrelased gems-

Peter Doherty- Grace/Wastelands

The most remarkable thing about this leak is how late it came! 5 days before release is impressive in this day and age especially considering it contains songs that were written and in some cases recorded in various forms up to 5 years ago. I haven't heard it yet, except for last of the english roses which i've already posted and "new love grows on trees" which i've loved for years and am so glad to have a studio recording. I'm sure the albums great but it's pete so either way it's gonna be a fascinating and engrossing listen.

Metric- Fantasies

I've already posted the lead single off this album, which was spectacular. The album in itself doesn't come out for a few months, I also haven't listened to this yet (MY ITUNES TAKES UP TO AND INCLUDING THREE HOURS TO SYNC... one time it took 8. I don't know what the problem is but apparently a lot of other people are, it drives me insane but I've been bearing up just for the sake of music... ummm anyway-) Early signs and fan reviews are hugley promising, citing a return to the old world underground style, definately one of the albums i've been looking forward to above any other this year.

So there you have it, two great albums and confirmation that I have my vocabulary back after my sickness ;)

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