Monday, 23 March 2009

Don't worry about that indie/rock playlist. It's comin. We'll make purp do it.

Title's a bit of an homage to eminem, obviously coming back with at least one more album but he says there's so many tracks he might do two, that'd be amazing and apparently it's been confirmed by his label and both are coming out this year.

Anyway these are some more great tracks that I would have put on the indie/rock playlist but I don't think I'm going to do it now, the main reason being it might mess up some of the tagging in my itunes because there's 40% that are already on there which I would have to retag seperately and then the new tracks which I also want on my ipod but not tagged the way it would be in a torrent and as for torrents- i don't have a clue! So i'm just going to send them blalock's way and work with him on it. Here's a track...

Boy Eats Drum Machine- Booomboxxx

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