Sunday, 29 March 2009

I went to oxford you know...

I'm just waiting for the new IRP to D/L so i'm gonna do a blog...

Take #2. The original started off like this-

"So Oxford won the boat race again! This town gets rather rambuncious during the oxbridge race weekend, alot of gin and tonic is consumed, maybe with a cheeky piece of cucumber in there ;)"

The oxford scene in itself is great mainly because it attracts artists from elsewhere, therefore unless I just did a post on radiohead and the foals it wasn't going to be that great. Kind of related though-

I love vampire weekend. Here's a few videos of why...

New track- White Sky

Street Performance in France- Kid's don't stand a chance

The line up for reading and leeds is announced tonight, arctic monkeys are headlining but hoping vampire weekend will be down.

Maybe I was a bit harsh on oxford, this band, Fell city girl, are great. They're not together anymore but february snow is a track!

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