Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New bands to check out

Pete doherty is playing near me tonight, if I go my bank will be a bit pissed, if I don't go, i'll be a bit pissed! But it's not like I have insurance on my car but then it's not like I care!

And as ever music takes us away from the bleakness of existance. Certainly for me if I ever think damn what's the point i'll be like well this band's got an album coming out in a month, festival season is coming up, there's a new indie/rock playlist on the net and i've got tickets for this awesome band next week and as it should be. There's a lot of bands to be excited about which is what I shall be highlighting in this post.

Over the past few days i've been a bit stuck in the past, listening to belle and sebastien when I woke up today and right now it's the who but there's been a lot of lemonheads, smiths and mccartney. The sun's out, lemonheads HAVE been mentioned.

I feel obliged to post new stuff today as it's been stuck in the past the last few entries so here goes. Also SXSW happened last week, there's a pretty great torrent with a lot of the bands on there that you should check out, here are the highlighights-

Fol Chen- Cable TV
/Wedding Cake
“You know that mysterious black object that the creepy family is staring at on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Presence” album? Fol Chen sound like that…" With abstract and potentially meaningless descriptions like that it makes sense that NME have hyped them on their blog recently, although said blog also concentrated 90% of it's efforts on their clothes which made me want to shoot myself in the face :) These californians are signed to sufjan steven's label, the aesmatic kitteh, chick and a guy on vocals you know i dig that. Cable TV starts off with some sitah and of course whenever this kinda instrument is mentioned so is george harrison, mainly because that's it's only redeeming quality... Ah it's not that bad, this tracks great though and glad it's opening up my blog today.

Local Natives- Airplanes

These guys are being billed as the next fleet foxes, that is to say they're destined to be as they're signed under the same management as coldplay and we know how much they love to sell bands out til you're sick right?! Plus their descrition on last fm labels them as "Basically the greatest band ever in existence." Now i'm aware that I could just click on the pencil next to it and write that they are balls but still you gotta listen right? They're from silver lake, california and are great a cornucopia of euprhoric instrumental harmonies behind powerful vocals and driving drums. You'll hear this track quite a bit later this year and probably a lot more about these guys.

Lissie Trullie- Self Taught Learner

This new york chick's a bit hard to track down cos she keeps changing the spelling of her name but this seems to be what she's settled on. She looks like what kate moss would look like if she looked bad while she was on drugs and forgot how to look like herself but was constantly trying to look like kate moss... You like that? She's good, her lyrics are good enough and the music refreshingly sparce at times, in this track in particular the vocals are as good as naked for half the track before the bass strings of an electric guitar are hit to underscore them, this before the drums and more melodic vocals and sweet bass kick in. It's good stuff I wouldn't be surprised if she is embraced by the indie harem in a spektor/heap sort of way.

Fanfarlo- You are one of the few outsiders that understand us

Dreampop, it's one of those abstract nondescript genres that still seems to fit some bands perfectly, this is one. Great for the summer, they're a mixture between the floatysunshinecatchiness of empire of the sun and the rhythmic intrumentation consciousness of an arcade fire. I really like these guys, they are probably the band that i've been most excited to discover in this blog, they really make stunning music. In the trunk is when it really struck me. Unbelievably endorphene inducing. Oh and they're from LDN!!!

3oh!3 and the pains of being pure of heart pretty much grabbed the headlines for SXSW this year, i've already raved about them both and they're gonna get enough attention without me.

One band that aren't new but i'm just finding-

Freezepop- Less talk more rokk Synth pop? Yeah it's fun, but what else? Nothing! But that's not a bad thing, music should be good times it doesn't always have to be intense meaningful lyrics, this track in particular emphasises that, you could play it at a party no problems and that is emphasised by the fact that this particular track was on guitar hero 2 ha! I bet it was killer hard to play.

Yeah I dig chick in bands, both these are the pop punk that sexiness is made of-

The Violets- Fereo
The Hussys- Napoleon Dynamite
YellowFever- Hellfire

O.K so that's me for the day catch you tomorrow!

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