Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I talked about canada quite a bit the other day in real life. So there- an excuse to blog about their music scene. I'm also going to put pictures in this to make it look prettier.

The weakerthans- One great city
Alright so the weakerthans are actually from the city I went to university, winnipeg, manitoba. They write songs about how much they hate winnipeg, they write songs about how much they love winnipeg, this is how everyone in the town feels, it's a great place for some reasons but damn is it ever cold...

The picture is of a bison, I saw a couple at the zoo, they're huge. I've also eaten a few at the tavern on south pembina, they taste amazing...

The guess who- American woman
Apparently the most famous band out of winnipeg, my ex served the lead singer at a salisbury house once, he also has a theatre named after him. This song is much covered and pretty cool, I also wrote a rap about salisbury house once-

Salisbury house fucking fucks shit up

I asked for tea they gave me coke in a
I went in for pancakes one day
called the guy in
the hairnet a big fucking gay

I didn't wanna be rude but i was in a grumpy mood

Kicked th
e door on some dude taking a crap?
"please excuse me if i intrude I'mowna sit on your lap!"

Salisbury fucking rips shit down
I went in one morning and was served by a clown

Busted some moves out
side on the grass
Busted a cap in the waitresses ass!

Salisbury house burns shit sideways

I swear their milkshakes could turn will smith gay

Waitress wants a tip but, when I pay?

I give her 3.50 and 19cents on layaway

bury house puts shit under
All of my efforts to resist go asunder

The waiter leaves me gazing, agasp in wonder

As to why I keep rolling over there just like thunder

Salisbury house takes the piss

I go in there get asked if I want two for one nips

I declare yeeeaaaahhh cos th
at's how i roll
But cos I rock so much I make 'em put them both in a bo

The way I chow down you'd think I was in china town

But fuck chopsticks I eat it up with a spoon cos
it's round
Go in there on a tuesday with dan, kyle or cory

Like when I was locked in the closet, in my full naked glory

If it's morning i get pancakes if it's evening i get pie

I clean my plate and leave but before that i say bye

Salisbury house only in manitoba

I even head over there in my friend's range rover

The way they serve it up make the rest move over
Makes me feel like Spanish military leader G.F.D Cordoba

That picture is from the 24 hour salisbury house on pembina HWY in the peg, many great milkshakes and nips have been had there after a night out, indeed the second best nights end there...

Metric- Dead Disco

Anyway I'll try and stop waxing lyrical about winnipeg, and also about metric as i've mentioned them alot already in this blog but no introspective on the canadian scene without giving them "blowing them up" as tim westwood will idiocise. Picture wise I thought, I should put a picture of Emily Haines looking sexy then realised that there are no existing pictures of her where she doesnt..

Tokyo Police Club- Be Good

Risen from the ashes of suburbia and highly backed by nme they're from new market, ontario these guy are big advocates of what would probably be the ontarian equivelant of our rough trade label, paper bag records. They've already toured over here and are doing pretty good, i'd definately reccomend checking them out if one hasn't already

Best au le rest-

Midway state- A million fireflys

Get over the led zep thing and they're good. blow me.

The paperbacks- I haven't listened to these guys but they're from the peg, I trust the person who reccomended them and you can stream the whole album there, i'll be doing it later i reccomend doing the same.

Papermoon- O.k so it's a myspace link bite my fuckin balls for fuck sake.

The bonaduces- That's enough of your lip!

O.K So it's also St. Patrick's day today, my local pub, well not my local, the nearest pub to me that isn't a shit hole, is having a whole thing all day.

Umm I guess check out the dropkick murphys for such an occasion

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