Thursday, 26 March 2009

Moar nooo bandzz!

I read a review of my blog the other day that firstly said I was informal in tone, which I take as a compliment as my ridiculously laid back personality seeps through to the written word. Also that I talk too much so i'll try and cut that out to an extent as I probably do write a bit too much. Also mentioned i had great taste which i agree with ;) There shall still be a healthy mix of classic and modern music but right now i've got a hard on for 2009!

Chew lips- Solo Low-fi london trio, (FMM, if you're familiar with porn abbreviations) supported howling bells on most of this tour, I missed out on them when I saw them but there were still people hyping about them even though they weren't there. Rightly so in my opinion.

Magistrates- Make this work They've been written about and built up for over a year but they're out there on the nme new music tour now so i'm pretty sure these essex boys are going to get their dues this summer, their sex laden indie pop will go down well at the festivals.

Tame Impala- Half full glass of wine Yet more psychadelic rock from australia, these guys potentially flow better than empire of the sun in that they aren't hook driven, they're tipped to be pretty big, rocking all the australian festivals soon nothing planned in england but check them out before everyone else knows. If these guys were american and around in the sixties they would've fit right in at woodstock.

Navvy- My new building I've heard so much about this band of late in one way or another but they were getting attention as far back as this time last year, they're not booked to play any festivals so i don't know if this is their year but it'll happen eventually and i'm only here to give people a heads up before everyone else.


P.S I've been writing my review for death cab's new ep, it'll be up in a couple of days. I'm afraid to say, it's a little scathing :(


  1. You do have great taste in music. And I think you should keep up writing this much, I like reading random things.

  2. Yes as the above comment states you do have great taste in music. In a Criznittle-less world I find my self turning to random blogs for new music. You are probly one of my top 3 fav's. Keep up the good stuff.

    And yes keep writing, I do enjoy knowing what I am about to grace my ears with.