Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Outroversion's Halloween Mixtape

Oh MAN do I love halloween! Not because you get to dress up and people have fun with candy and you get to see this picture again but cos it's all dark and creepy :)

My favourite halloween song is this. I don't know who it's by but it's on my ipod under "halloween" and I called it "do you believe in the boogeyman" the genre is probably acid house or something but I love it!

I mean you probably know by now i'm not into pop music so when i'm talking about halloween music I don't mean the monster mash. I'm talking haunting songs that genuinely unnerve you and make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin :)

haha the smiley faces take on a whole new meaning in this post.

There are some great rock songs that fit here. Feed my frankenstein by alice cooper and Red Right Hand by nick cave is a perennial inclusion in every modern day horror movie but nothing niche. Xiu Xiu's bunny gamer is included here, it'll follow you around like a demon for real.

My whole reason for this post is so I have more halloween music to listen to each year rather than just that one no matter how awesome it is. Originally I was just going to post up a few halloween songs to set the mood but, you may also have noticed i'm a bit obsessive about music and accidentally ended up putting loads of time and effort into it and have now made a Halloween Mixtape which isn't merely a bunch of awesome songs i've also ordered them to create a desired effect. Enjoy!


Alice Cooper- Feed My Frankenstein
Nick Cave- Red Right Hand
O.Children- Dead Disco Dancer
Death In vegas- Aisha (Ft. Iggy Pop)
Dead man's bones- PaPaPower
Say Hi- Spiders
Xiu Xiu- Bunny Gamer
Halloween- Do you believe in the boogeyman?
Charlotte Gainsbourg- IRM
Evangelicals- The Halloween Song
Dead Man's bones- My body's a zombie for you!

That's pretty much it for the outroversion blog this month. The best of October will be up in a couple of days and then it's into November where we'll kill it. Happy Halloween!!

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