Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Camera Obscura- Underachievers Please try harder (2003)

I didn't realise this album came out so recently. By that I mean I was listening to it before I went to university in 2004 and thought it was quite old! None the less I've always said that this is an album that will be in my top 100 albums of all time when I die. It's beautiful, it's shoegaze, I found out about them from a hot indie-hipster.

During my first year at university I was pretty lonely my girlfriend was far away, my dad was ill and i'd pay £40 returns every weekend to get the train back home and back before monday's classes. I stopped trying to make classes in the end when I knew I was going to university in north america the following year. Anyway I'd listen to this on the train journeys and it always comforted me and helped me relax as I was stressed as hell the whole time. My dad's no longer with us and I broke up with that girl but things work out don't they and when they do i'll still be listening to this album-

"The vocals are very beautiful and genuine. Overall, this record has an intimate bewitching beauty that drags you in with each listen. Upon first listen, it seems easy to say that you've heard this before"


Camera Obscura- Underachievers Please Try Harder

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