Saturday, 3 October 2009

Vampire Weekend- White Sky

I've been listening to mainly new music of late and from what i've been listening to i've dicovered the genius of jeffrey lewis, appreciated the four artists on the nme radar tour on another level, found simon joyner who writes like no shit- dylan used to, i've really dug jay-z's album, been a bit let down by paramore, liked muse a little bit when i couldn't stand them before and found a whole bunch of bands who are going to be on the blog soon enough.

The new indie rock playlist is now out, go check it out I think it's the best yet. It also features the first release from the new vampire weekend album, white sky, there's been live versions floating around for a while and they sounded fantastic. I am more excited about this album than any in recent memory. Probably right up there with narrow stairs on an anticipation level, I was let down by that but let's not go into that. I literally have no fear about this album because it's the style of vampire weekend that i like so much as well as evra's vocals neither of which are going to change so while the anticipation builds check it out-

Vampire Weekend- White Sky

Also if you could sign up to the indie rock playlist using my referral link that would be awesome and a way of thanking me for all the time I put into everything :D

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