Friday, 9 October 2009

New vampire weekend and Scarlett Johanssen

Vampire Weekend- Horchata

VW started a countdown at on monday which concluded at 7pm BST and resulted in the above track being posted. Ezra has high praise for this track saying it uses groundbreaking techniques and the such, I heard it when I go back from a gig that night and didn't know quite what to think.

Scarlett Johanssen and Pete Yorn- Relator

Some people may be aware Scarlett Johanssen released an album of Tom Wait covers last year, i've listened to it a couple of times and haven't quite gotten what it was getting at. This track however she is phenomenal on, it's beautiful, call it a preview of the november IRP cos this is the best i've found this month.

****** Yeah i've probably spelled her name wrong but how should I know? ********

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