Friday, 16 October 2009

The Northwestern- Telephones

Sometimes the mark of a great band is that you try to ignore them but they make it impossible to. In 2003 I tried to ignore bloc party, this was around 2 years before their debut album so you can imagine how relentless that was. I ignore them again now they've turned into some sort of beastie boys intergalactic wannabes but without the lyrics. However these guys, former members of hope of the states, from south east england ironically, seem to have something... you like the word tangeable? well i fucking hate it. Umm ha anyway in the same way that Stornoway look like being a career band because their sound is what sells them not just a couple of songs, these guys have got that too. However their double A-side single telephones and all the ones is SO good that they're going to have to keep delivering a pretty high level, i wouldn't bet against them.

Northwestern- Telephones

01 Telephones
02 All The Ones
03 Fire
04 Dark Houses

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