Monday, 12 October 2009

Hey Monday!

These are my new favourite band (of the week) I had their album on my ipod for some reason but I was hooked like a first time freebaser...

So yeah the lead singer's a bit of an emo hottie, you gotta love em right, so yeah there's the paramore comparison but you secretly love paramore anyway so get over it and check em out-


1. Set Off
2. How You Love Me Now
3. Homecoming
4. Obvious
5. Candles
6. Run, Don't Walk
7. Josey
8. Hurricane Streets
9. Arizona
10. Should've Tried Harder
11. 6 Months

I also just found out i missed them playing live in oxford the other day and now want to shoot myself IN the face.


  1. yeah nice post, it's a good album for sure, any news of a new cd?

  2. I thought I read so on wikipedia but it seems not