Monday, 19 October 2009

The Helio Sequence

It's been a couple of days but I wanted to leave the bright eyes blog up for a little bit cos let's fac it, it's epic.

The Helio Sequence

It's amazing that I haven't written about these guys at all. They're incredible. They've been around a while, I had them on my creative labs zen mp3 player when they were the size of small books and only held 30gigs, this was in 2003 and i've dipped in and out of them ever since which is a crime really as they deserve untold success.

Hailing from the seemingly bottomless pit of talent that is Portland, Oregon they're with sub-pop and broke through with "keep your eyes ahead". An album maybe not representative of the band's past sound due to Brandon Summers damaging his vocal chords and having to relearn how to sing. It's an amazing album but then so is love and distance, you should at the very least get them both.

To say these guys are talented would be to do a disservice but then to go into more detail would be to reel out an endless line of superlatives. The best way is probably to show you. They regularly play the beatles' tomorrow never knows live, this is a track the beatles didn't even play live. It's incredibly and shows mucianship that most bands these days could barely dream of grasping. Probably also bear in mind that the helio sequence are just two guys. And probably remember that the drum part and the tabbed guitar part were both reversed. Just watch eh-

Go ahead, you'll be leet for life.

The other
two albums

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