Monday, 12 October 2009

Hearing Damage

Hearing damage

I've not gotten into these vampire things at all like everyone else but nor did i harry potter. Like I'd LOVE to but there's something that doesn't click with me like I like books and movies to be feasable and have some sort of scientific reasoning behind it if there is a supernatural element.

Like Harry potter, he's a wizard because he learned it at school and his dad had sex with a witch or something right? Well neither of those things exist like documented druids which are essentially what wizards are are so called because of their creativity at harnessing the healing power of the world around them it's not like a god given gift. Now if they'd said harry potter just learned it at school then i could've dug that but they went too far.

Now vampires, if there was documentation of people being bitten by bats or wolves and developing a taste for blood i would be ALL OVER that unforunately this isn't the case...

I'm from oxford and yet I give thom yorke a hard time. I dig this track, check it out babies.

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