Monday, 8 February 2010

Outro's Issues: Getting the right headphones

Since I started listening to good music around 8 years ago i've endeavoured to find the perfect pair of earphones. A couple of occasions I've paid £20+ for pairs that promised to be life affirming and either sucked or were destroyed by the hand of fate.

Regularly i've had to settle for mono ear phones or ones that grate the inside of your ears or old ones i've found in drawers.

Now i'm not one for big retro ones as, whether you like it or not they make you look stupid.

Early 09 I found the answer when another set of my ipod earphones started to fail. I did alot of research into what exactly I wanted as I felt like I needed a definitive go to source for whenever I (and all of these have happened) left my earbuds dangling in a cup of water overnight, had the ends pulled off when i've shut them in my car door, let my cat play with them/left them within my cat's general jurisdiction.

These are the answer.

The sound is as better than any earphone i've heard, they fit so comfy in your ears and they work faultlessly in stereo. I literally haven't got a bad word to say about these, I absolutely swear by them. Of course they're not idiot proof, but even with my history i've only had to buy like one pair every 6 months and they're so inexpensive.

Do yourself a favour and hook yourself up. Keep it bookmarked for audio emergencies and spread the word.

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