Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Erland and the Carnival- S/T (2010)

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Erland and the Carnival- ST (2010)
Essential- Troubled in mind, my name is carnival, love is a killing thing, you don't have to be lonely

Erland and the Carnival are a supergroup of sorts, in the way of the fictional biblical/red dwarf character Legion E&TC are composed of minds that have worked with damon albarn, paul mccartney and richard ashcroft. If you were asked to relay what the sound is that would best represent this name, that is how they sound.

They certainly play to their strengths; keys a plenty, abstract musical melodies and thankfully; original lyrical themes.

They're on the hot plate right now and it's been turned up to number 6 but this kind of stove takes a little while to warm up so grab it while it's still heating up and manageable as if you leave it for too long you're going to end up with something that's hotter than you can handle.

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