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With the impending release of their 3rd album I figured it would be a good idea to make sure everyone is up to speed. Now Gorillaz owe a lot to some amazing videos but I'm going to try and go half and half here but I think i'd love them a little less were it not for their thought tapping visuals. You can download all the tracks at the bottom of the page.

Personally I hate reading interviews with the "characters" because it seems kinda pointless but I do have an admiration for the world they have created and continue to build upon with their new residence-

[Insert predictable Dylan Thomas quote] with Clint Eastwood, essentially the Gorillaz theme. It encapsulates everything that makes them great; brillaint bass lines, imaginative, atmospheric musicianshop, excellent rhythm, awesome rapping, dozey yet profound lyricism and non-sensicle but irresistable hooks oh and zombie monkeys. This also gave you a glimse into each of the characters Drummer andEmCee Duncan, Bassist Murdoch, guitarist/vocalist Noodles and lead vocalist D2.

19-2000 is the vocal debut of Noodle, it was more of the fun side of the band but still remained true to themselves "get the cool shoe shine" being the hook here. This was back in the day when having a song on a FIFA game was a gauranteed #1. The video goes really well with the music which is incredible as the music is all over the place. mainly keys and electronix but the lyrics are just mental.

Tomorrow comes today answered the question, "So what... I don't get it... Is this band a joke or what, I don't see what.. Is it for kids or... I just don't..?" was answered and this was when I decided this was a quality project. This song has a haunting, apocolyptic feel that the video represents beautifully. One of the lesser heard of the singles but it truly is excellent.

[Tomorrow comes today video]

Rock the house could almost be a club track; looped bass and brass with light rap never really hitting his usual excellent stride, the video is basic if a little showy but still quite fitting.

Feel Good Inc. was an intro to their island in the sky which is a gorgeous visual repeated in future videos. More dismissive but catchier than thou hooks "windmill windmill for the land..."

DARE is an amazing track with an equally amazing video. Noodle on vocals again with Shaun Ryder as a giant head. It's all brilliant and borderline genius.

I have little difficulty with El Manana, Kids with Guns and Last living Souls. Technically they're not great tracks but the video for El Manana is excellent and the other two the stay in your head for days no idea why.

So there you have it. I may have left some off that I haven't seen or really heard but here's stylo to make up for it.

Stylo from Plastic Beach


Clint Eastwood
Rock the House
Tomorrow Comes today
Feel Good Inc.
Last living souls
El Manana
Kids with guns


Demon Days

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