Monday, 1 February 2010

Retrospeed Lab Mixtape #1

So in addition to my monthly collection i'm going to bring back the retrospeedlab as a mixtape, a dozen or so tracks from times gone by that i've been enjoying retrospectively.

I'll give a little description of each track as to why they're included. This one's obviously the first and I sort of got it together at the last minute so with a little foresight the future of the RSL mix will be a little better thought out.

RetroSpeed Lab Mixtape #1

M.O.P- Ante Up
One of my favourite youtube videos is Bert and Ernie rapping along to this track. I recently uploaded it to my ipod and once you've seen that video it's hard to seperate the two :)

NRBQ- Wild Weekend, The Zombies- Time of the season, The strawberry alarm- Incense Peppermints
These are included for the reasons outlined in this blog the opening to TSA is just perfect "incense peppermints, the colour of time" psychedelia at its best

Blur- Tracy Jacks/Out of time
I've been listening to Blur more and more of late, no idea why but Out of time from around 2002 was great and you've got to love Tracy Jacks, it's just a great tune- doo doo dooo dahdahdahdahdah do do dooo dadadadada do do dooo etc :D

The vernacular- Make good
Chris Walla and Sean Nelson of Death Cab and Harvey Danger respectively. Both bands I used to hold in high esteem but have kinda gone off. A while back they started this side project and it sounded better than either of their contributions to their regular bands, I expected good things but never really happened. Good track though.

Sisqo- Unleash the dragon/Thong Song
He was in celebrity big brother in England recently, I blogged about him quite prophetically a little while before here UTD is a cool track but maybe not for everyone's tastes. The thong song on the other hand is legendary!

Rod Stewart and Cher- Bewitched
Oh man, this song is beautiful. When I first heard this track I was like dayummmm those two got it goin own! Well, not in so many words. Rob and Cher have such a chemistry oozing through this recording that it feels like an intrusion listening to it. If you don't really like Rod Stewart you'll appreciate him at least on some level after this if it's only his ability to score mature hotties..

White Strips- Doorbell
I had an impulse the other night, to listen to white stripes. No idea why. In my entire life this has never happened but I did and yeah I like what they're selling. Thing is though this is the only track I rated on my ipod, I mean i'd reccomend them but htey seem to be a bit of an whole album band which is great if you really like Jack White but I kinda don't like him enough to dedicate that much time.

Nelly- Girlfriend
Haha oh wow. So this is here because I recently updated my workout playlist and put some nelly on there. This track's great, Nelly picks up a weak N*sync track and spits all over it turning it into something that is actually quite cool.

Greenday- Longview
What a great guitar riff and cool lyrics. Went through a bit of a Greenday phase last year, saw them live in November and this was definately one of the best memories of the gig and one of the tracks I didn't really know before getting into their stuff leading up to the gig. It's great.

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