Monday, 7 September 2009

Reading/Leeds reviews

This blog has been in my drafts for almost a week it's time I got it out there-

I've read a few reviews of this moneycow-milking excuse for a festival weekend and most of them have been omg radiohead. omg arctic monkeys. omg kings of leon. etc. And then been- oh I went to see this band I've never heard of and they were shit so I went to watch florence and the machine who was really pretty.

Kinda soul destroying but then that's what these corporate festivals are for, just putting big names on a stage having them play their greatest hits and charging people with less musical knowledge than your grandma £250 to stand a mile away from them so they can say they saw whoever happens to be being rimmed by radio one at the time.

Anyway I have a few people I trust on the inside and these bands have been highlighted to me-

The old romantic killer band

One guy on

"Intense live. Sang till he puked, was impressive stuff "

Quite the testomonial right? And I don't doubt it for a second, the guy (Harry Johns) sounds like he puts everything he's got into his performance even on the acoustic recordings on the album, the link i've provided... HERE!

It's very easy to write a review of a band by saying the sound like or are reminscent of or would sound like the spawn of etc and I don't know kings of leon that well but that's who these guys remind me of they seem to be the right side (in my opinion) of metal not that I endorse kings of leon but I do endorse this kind of well written, well rocked... rock.

Punch and the apostles

Reccomended by the girl I went to truck with, I ripped these tracks myself so they're pretty hard to find non-streaming wise. They are a seven piece and with that all manner of instruments and energies join together to create a cacophony of musical styles blended together to make a deliberately contradictory sound that is in a way, unique but also reminiscent of the album "destroyer's rubies" by destroyer I would say these guys heard it, and thank fuck they did!

Neuf Janvier
Tie me to the mast

Sweethead (album)

Something that bothers me a little tiny bit is every now and then I'll come across a band and think they're awesome and go to check them out and realise I already did like 8 months ago. This confuses me for many many reasons- do the band not have the staying power? is my memory that bad? Is someone else using my All these questions rage, but only one thing rages more and that is sweethead! I'm also going to see them next month supporting eagles of death metal there'll be a review up because EODM confuse me and I really dig sweethead.

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  1. i can definitively say none of us have heard 'destroyer's rubies', but i have heard of destroyer. i saw them at atp once. we'll be putting out our first album in november on our own label. if you want a promo or something else to listen to/review let me know at


    Punch et al.