Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Get back guinozzi- Carpet Madness (2009)

I've mentioned how regualrly I have favourite band's of the week and I've got to tell you, get back guinozzi are my band of the WEEK!!!

Get back Guinozzi!- Carpet Madness (2009)

GBG are sound like the spawn of metric and css. Catchy bass-lines and relatively inventive keyboard with overlaying french accented female vocals. They were brought to attention with their cover of junior murvin's track police and thieves. The french femme in question is Eglantine Gouzy a former fat cat solo artist who formed this band with pal Fred Landini and are releasing this album with fat cat records in october. The link however is above, in september, what a world we live in. It's the perfect summery record to soundtrack the fall and eventual winter.


  1. hi simon, Rebjuke here, 2 link's for muse for ya

  2. really good cd, do you have a copy of Eglantine
    Gouzy's cd Boa from 2006, tried to find a copy with no luck. Rebjukebox