Thursday, 3 September 2009

The asteroids galaxy tour- Fruit (2009)

The asteroids galaxy tour- Fruit

Been waiting on an album from these guys for almost a year now. Quite bravely titled "fruit" after their breakthrough track was featured on an ipod commercial and therefore played to death. It was a brilliant track though and definately made you want more, well this is it; 10 tracks of glorious as ever swedish pop, one of two things you can rely on those guys for. The other thing (hot blondes) is also a staple of the band.

I've just listened to the album and it's brilliant. Everything that was great about that track is spread salubriously over the other 9 tracks. This album is perfect future pop but manages to sound like the B52s comeback album of 2072, I cannot speak any higher of this album it is magnificent and fun and an absolute pleasure to listen to caressing a multitude of senses. De yourself a favour.

1. Lady Jesus 3:44
2. The Sun Ain't Shining No More 3:37
3. Push The Envelope 4:02
4. Satellite 3:37
5. Crazy 3:55
6. The Golden Age 3:50
7. Around The Bend 3:47
8. Sunshine Coolin' 3:07
9. Hero 4:11
10. Bad Fever 4:30

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