Saturday, 26 September 2009

NME Radar Tour Starter Pack Pt. II

Yes Giantess

I've gotten to know these guys a little better as they're on twitter, as is marina of the diamonds. They're from Boston, MA, have toured with little boots and are twitter pals with ellie goulding. Once again there's quite a lot of keyboards and rhythm. They, at times sound a little like the flight of the conchords doing a michael jackson impression singing indie, whether that's a bad thing or not is up to you but that's actually quite a good combination. It's sexy stuff and catchy but with lyrics like "slip through my hand like soft ice cream" they're not going for the introspective they're just here for the good times, probably best to join them.

Tuff N Stuff
You were young

Local Natives

One thing I must mention is Local Natives have a HUGE following in L.A and after listening to airplanes for the first time since my first time the other day, I realised I still remembered it after all that time it's that relentless. They have a great style about their percussion and using the wind and strings to elevate it to new heights, along with the lead guys versatile voice and effective delivery. In that way they can probably be grouped with vampire weekend, the inventive vocalisation adding another element to the cerebral effect that the group create. Other reviews i've read echo these sentiments as well as lavishing praise on their professionalism which I always love to hear about for one reason or another.

Sun Hands


So in conclusion i'm excited about all four of these bands equally and for different reasons! It's going to be an amazing tour so enjoy it all guys it's unique in the way that you get four acts all together for the whole time. I'll see you in oxford and maybe warwick uni depending on how perilous my situation becomes ;)

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