Monday, 28 September 2009

Radiohead and the hollow earth theory

This might on the surface seem like an insane, abstract, loosely linked and perhaps pointless post but man it's been coming!

Feeling pulled apart by horses/Hollow earth

I like reading about crackpot theories but my favourite thing is to read about stories that have some supposedly credible "high up in the military guy who has since been fired and sworn to secrec" accounts whether this be the dark side of the moon theory, the city in the sky or gateways in tibet. The reason I dig them is I view them as fiction and it gives you a bit of escapism thinking man if all this is going on then this bullshit world is actually kind of irrelevant :)

This theory comes about when a guy ventured to the centre of the earth a few hundred years ago, came back, went crazy, told a guy about it on his death bed who then wrote a book about it. This book is available on the net, it's called the smokey god and is a really pleasant read about a eutopia within our own world. Also supposed Nasa proof. Wikipedia.

I haven't listened to the songs by the way which is why I said at the start this blog might seem a little pointless. ha.

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