Saturday, 5 September 2009

Frank Turner- Poetry of the deed (2009)

Frank Turner- Poetry of the deed

I haven't reeeeally written about frank turner yet but here it is, all this pent up frank turner related opinions are about to be vented.

Me and mr turner have a complex relationship. I was first introduced to him at truck last year when he critisised fighting with wire during his performance calling them "a bunch of cunts" before getting booed and having stuff thrown at him by fans and the band themselves. I left figuring you had to be a pretty huge bastard to get booed at truck.

Roll on a year later and I hear a rumour frank turner is going to play a secret gig at truck under a different name, I vent my views to people and they say it probably wasn't meant that way and I should give him another chance. Anyway now I love frank turner, I'm pretty much taking a cue from him in terms of how i'm recording and what gigs i'm looking to play.

Basically The Funk Tanker is from Oxford, he's a brilliant poet and represents a certain part of our generation, you should probably embrace that.

  1. Live Fast Die Old
  2. Try This At Home
  3. Dan's Song
  4. Poetry Of The Deed
  5. Isabel
  6. The Fastest Way Back Home
  7. Sons Of Liberty
  8. The Road
  9. Faithful Son
  10. Richard Divine
  11. Sunday Nights
  12. Our Lady Of The Campfire
  13. Journey Of The Magi


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  2. I'm sure you're aware of the flaws in that threat lol

  3. OV's taken it down- here it is-

  4. what a waste of time, this cd has been leaked on other sites for ages, what are you picking on this site for. Why don't go go and get a life!!!!

  5. thanks for the support guys :D jerks always picking on the little guy.