Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Enemy- Music for the people

So they're local to me so I want to support them and was really looking forward to seeing them do their first show actually in the ricoh arena. Thing is this album was hyped so much by the band themselves that the music press couldn't wait to bring it back to earth to destroy it's potential. So it's completely up to the people what they think as reviews have become irrelevant and one sided. This probably sounds like i'm a huge advocate of them! I'm not, I thought a couple of songs on the first album were ok and haven't even listened to this yet. They're just supporting Oasis when i'm seeing them this summer so i'm hoping it's good times-

  1. Elephant Song
  2. No Time For Tears
  3. 51st State
  4. Sing When You're In Love
  5. Last Goodbye
  6. Nation Of Checkout Girls
  7. Don't Break The Red Tape
  8. Be Somebody
  9. Keep Losing
  10. Silver Spoon

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