Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Metric @ 02 Academy Oxford (17/5/09)

The last review I did in Oxford raised a few fat, middle aged eyebrows for sure! Fortunately this was at the academy and they know their place here ;)

Anticipation: I've been a fan of Metric longer than I have death cab Oo amazing right?! During my time in Canada "old world underground" was pretty much always in the cd player (there were 3 spaces) it got a lot of plays I loved some of it "if every surface you touch is cold, never go home" "He says- I can't feel a thing, my dreams are too tight. Why wouldn't I stand in line tonight?" "Tonight your ghost will ask my ghost, where is the love?" I really liked the haunting stuff like that but the upbeat stuff was great too but it still always had a twist of darkness "every 8 year old enemy thinks bombs are shooting stars sometimes but she never makes wishes on them" "now that the wall is on the up, you're gonna wanna wear it out". So this is probably the gig i've been looking forward to the most so far this summer.

Venue: The Oxford Academy, formally the zodiac. I've said before that this is one of the most convenient academy's i've ever been to- parking across the road for 60p, a tesco, pubs, take outs, money machines :)

My Day: Yeah so I worked 13 days straight up until a few days ago and today was a sunday which is always a ball buster which is why I was glad to have a great gig lined up for afterwards. I'd recently retaxed and reinsured my car so life was just getting a bit easier and I have a trip lined up for france at the end of the month so things are good :)

Journey: Took a great girl from work along, georgie, made the car jouney a million times more fun like it was insanely fun times. It'd blow your mind if i went into more detail so stfu.

The event: Turned out it was upstairs in the academy2 so it promised to be an intimate and sweaty affair. This was all proved true but I think a little must be said about the organisation... This is from doors to close so I have no choice but to indulge...

So usually I turn up to oxford around 7pm, pick up my tickets, hit up the hobgoblin then head up and see the support. Well there wasn't any support tonight, just the "resident dj" doing his schtick for 2 hours, gayness. If I was on my own I would've blown a full on GASket! So I went for thai food with G, which was good, my first bit of thai and prepared me for how M-f'ing sweaty it was gonna be upstairs!

The jericho bar was still supposedly doing those random cocktails but didn't have the mini mojitos and had run out of the most awesome ones so yeah- soberness was bound to ensue right?

WRONG! Metric well and truly bought teh sex, the atmosphere, the night. Starting off a little mid pace before hitting their stride with "help! I'm alive." which, in that moment, everyone including these well toned canadians thought, fuck this this is gonna be a fucking awesome night! And the following hour only verified that, mainly from fantasies yes, but still threw in "Dead Disco" and "Live it out". Shirt holding on for dear life at the end = another great night at the academy.

Yet another tip for driving back UI: Act nonchelant :)

Munchies: Mcdonalds chocolate milkshake. Yeah banbury's MD is now 24 hours which either means I have to avoid banbury on the way home or have some post gig willpower.. ha.

Work in the morning?: Yeah at midday. I woke up at sorta 9.30 and was like I can either drive in at 11.55 and sorta rock through or walk and and not feel like crap when i'm there. I walked in- proper sucked it up. Rained, went home after 3 hours (and 2 double bacardis) and this is pretty much where we're at now guys!

Once more let me know what you're digging what you'd like to see in future reviews, presumebly less fat middle aged men, but also other areas too kthaxbai/


Twilight Galaxy
Help I'm Alive
Satellite Mind
Gold Guns Girls
Gimme Sympathy
Sick Muse
Empty (long version)
Front Row
Dead Disco
Stadium Love

Monster Hospital
Live It Out (slow version)

Live recording of 11/5/09-

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