Thursday, 12 February 2009

Totally addicted to bass

I'm not really, in fact a more appropriate title would declare that this particular post is totally dedicated to bass...

Flea, he may not be the best bassist in the universe... but then again he just might be! Whether he is or not, he is revolutionary in the form of slap and expanding the horizon's of the traditional 4-string plucker and blah blah etc. anyway so rather than post a typical red hot chili pepper's track with a killer bass line I thought i'd post one of my favourite chili tracks and with one of the soundest basslines early on and a track which the asforementioned by the way/stadium crowd probably wouldn't get to hear otherwise-

Behind the Sun- RHCP

Carlos D of Interpol is such a unique bassist and is the joint staple of interpol, the other being Banks' unique voice. The basslines of interpol are unlike any other, like I say unique... I can't say to much more without repeating myself I guess but he's a killer bassist with a killer stage presence. This track is just unbeatable-

Evil- Interpol

So I hadn't intentionally listened to oasis in like 3 years and now i'm listening to them all the time, volutarily. The band is kind of gay in that, unless you're english which I happen to be so do, no one knows who the other people in the band are which also means unless noel's playing bass the bassline is left behind, in this, it is not-

Masterplan- Oasis

O.k So Death cab were/are my favourite band. I've been a fan for over half a decade and they've gotten so huge over the last couple of years that i'm kinda embarassed to say i like them ugh so elitist right?! It's just that if you say you like them you get a lot of OMGGGZZAZ ME"2! I HEART IWFYITD OMG"22111!!1one So wahtevs! But the bassline in IWPYH is pretty immense-

Death cab- IWPYH

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