Friday, 13 February 2009

Across The Universe

(Blog from Summer 2007)

I saw this movie the day before I left canada with my best bud and it was the best movie I have ever seen, it was such an awesome day too everything went perfect from parking, line ups, position in theatre, acquiring mmind altering substances and a way of smoking them as we didn't have enough time to roll, that getting us in the perfect mindset for the movie, there being a burger king in the theatre to get quad stackers, being at exactly the right level of highness to enjoy the movie, the weather, not dying on the car ride back, everything was awesome but the music was incredible.

It is unique in the way that usually a soundtrack is selected to highlight pieces in a movie where this movie was written around the music and it worked perfectly.

Now I was brought up on the beatles so was wary of this movie and indeed it hasn't been released in the u.k so i got lucky but all the great pieces were perfectly executed and the lesser known numbers were really brought to another level, these are the ones that I shall be highlighting.

So I guess I met this fairly incredible girl a week before I saw this movie, I went to this the ensuing weekend and ended up with her that night and after she left the next day I couldn't stop hearing this song, I'd barely heard the beatles version, i'd heard the overcomplicated wings version but this hits it perfectly-

I've just seen a face

This was a really nice/pleasant lennon/mccartney number that also hit another level in the movie, sung by evan rachel wood who was exceptional in the movie along with T.V Carpio's rendition of i want to hold your hand it blows your mind as you would never expect to hear it sounding quite so beautiful

If I fell

This is a great part of the movie, played live and as a male and female duet, the female has a great gritty jazzy style, check out her version of helter skelter, and the guy look insanely like jimi hendrix and plays guitar in the same style

Oh Darling!

There were so many trippy parts in this movie but this particular song was intense for its imagery, listening to it you wonder why it wasn't so big as it is poignant but always played second fiddle to while my guitar...

Happiness is a warm gun

T.V Carpio's delivery of this song is incredible and unexpected, this was one of the beatles poppier numbers and she turns it into a remorseful, angst filled song about unrequited lesbian love, you probably have to see the movie to understand ;)

I want to hold your hand

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