Thursday, 19 February 2009

Big in 09

O.K So i've splooted about 10 blogs out in a week, big whoop?

Yeah so there's always a bunch of these lists... Here is another!

Firstly, dead cert-

Empire of the sun- This was the first album to make an instant impact on me this year, they're dreamy and psychadelic like MGMT, write killer and are Australian. What's not to like?

The Joy Formidable- Were the first band I got excited about this year, the two singles have been a bit over played I think one of them was on an apple advert but none the less their live shows are sounding great and the album looks like going down well, I like these guys

I would have nominated Emmy the great and as much as I championed her through the whole of 2008 and as great as the demos were and the live shows in the summer, loads were left off the album and the replacements weren't great. I was devo. Check out the woods demo, history of britain and gloria if you want an idea of what could have been.

4 or 5 magicians- These guys are big fans of Tom Waits, which is fine, except that they felt the need to remix one of their best songs in the style of Mr Snuffleuffagus/Mr Waits... Lol that misdemeanour song they're gaining momentum and have some great tracks in their catalogue already, they'll be big no worries.

Tristan and the Troubadours- An Oxford based band, saw them support the young knives on their homecoming and the front man/boy of this band is seriously talented, watching these guys made me think of what it must have been like to watch someone like sufjan stevens at that age he can play a whole heap of instruments and controls everyone else on stage impeccably, lyrics are great too, catchy stuff.

3oh!3- Mr Burns, This Band seems to have the momentum of a runaway freight train, why are they so popular? Because they're fucking awesome! Alright I have a soft spot for frat boy rock, being a member of delta upsilon and all that goes with it but these guys are great, blink 182 probably sounded dumb when you first heard it but imagine crowds chanting THREEOHTHREE THREEOHTHREE... Soon you won't have to imagine.

Not much point mentioning this because he hardly needs my support but mr. peter doherty's album is coming out this year and it looks set to be mammoth. That's the track new love grows on trees, been around for years but it'll be great to get a studio version it's a lovely song.

I'll be mentioning loads more in future and just with random songs that are rockin it for me but for now that's it, watch those guys this year


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