Saturday, 14 February 2009

Ben Gibbard and Rare Death Cab

Obviously Ben Gibbard is most famous in the indie community for death cab for cutie and the postal service, he's worked with countless other acts which i'll do a post about eventually but right now I want to highlight his first two bands, originally shed whom nick harmer and jason mcgerr are still associated with as well (as eureka farm) then there's pinwheel who, all in all were really not that bad and it's only due to ben gibbard's solo project (death cab for cutie) turning into a fully fledged band that they're not the band people are arguing about whether they have sold out or not.

Shed mainly played college shows and never really got off the ground, in fact ben was originally the drummer for this band but stepped in for the lead singer at a show and it went down a storm, obviously the rest is history-

Shed- What's her name

If you look hard enough (which is quite hard indeed) you can find shed's back catalogue on the internet, they have some really really not bad tracks, the highlight of these is "radio static scars" which recycles a line from "we have the facts..." so it makes good listening for the hard core fan-

Pinwheel- Radio Static Scars

I was going to put couches in alleys on here too but I figure everybody has that so I chose two rare acoustic tracks, the first the brilliant debate exposes doubt from the photo album and the second chris walla's new candles which was posted on his hall of justice page a couple of years ago. Also the full version of underwater from all-time quarterback (ben's early 2k solo project) which is damn hard to find-

Ben Gibbard- Debate Exposes Doubt

Chris Walla- New Candles

All-Time Quarterback- Underwater!


  1. I only have one Shed tape with "What's Her Name" and "Changing The Subject." If there is anyway someone could upload more tapes from Shed that would be great!

  2. Hey! I shall do another post regarding this I think as it keeps getting hits and these loinks are probably down eh? I shall upload the rest of shed that I have and pinwheel again