Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New Music from Old Bands

Manic Street preachers- Vision Blurred

The manic's sure love a bandwagon! Remember when they got the welsh one from I'm a celebrity get me out of here to sing on a track? Ah ok i'm needlessly bagging but they're already covering horrors' songs?! Everyone makes out MSP are some sort of god-like-genius'... none more so than nme who gave them that award last year ha. I saw them live in 2007 (supporting foo fighters) and it made me think maybe blur shouldn't reform if it's going to be like this!

Maybe I should mention the music though right!? Screeching guitars (probably with that pretty boy pouncing around the stage). Let's define a cover- making a song your own. Let's anylyse this- a track that didn't even make it onto another bands album which you've managed to make sound like every single other song you've ever done but also keeping in mind you wish you were u2... Well there ya go I think you've done it again fellas.

Ash- Return of the white rabbit

Couple of things about ash- healining the truck festival this summer which is awesome as I loved all their old stuff but then they decided to do a radiohead and give away their album online. That didn't have the same impact so they've decided to "revolutionise the music industry" release one single a month for the next year. I think this is a good idea as suuuurely that means they're gonna have like a solid month to make each track awesome rather than having recorded an album and just are releasing it like that. If it's the former, that's actually quite cool.

Speaking of cool, this track is just that. The music's great, the bass and keyboards rhythmically pumping this track forward with a resounding chorus. It sounds like this track will go down fantastically live and hopefully a sign of what they're about now. It's a great track, instant 3 stars on my ipod.

The Lemonheads- Dirty Robot Ft. Kate Moss

Kate Moss' singing career eh? First Le Belle Et le ete with Pete which I thought was a nice track as beautifully shambolic that album was and now teaming up with Evan Dando on their new covers album "varshons". It lists them as sleeping together on whatever "NNDB" is?! Ah god you've gotta hate the modern world.

The song in itself, sounds like it could have been made by that band from the mighty boosh. Synths, robot singing, trying to sound like the future you name it it's all there. It's really nice to have new lemonheads but... this isn't exactly lemonheads is it?! Like having seen them live i'm like are they even playing on this record?! Maybe the robot man is E.D. either way- the track- once you've stopped listening to it you will have "i'm a dirty robot" stuck in your head for a bit (I wrote hair there originally... messy) so I guess they've hit one demographic.

The Twang- Another Bus

I've always been a little racist against scottish bands that sound like they're from scotland. Which is fortunate in a way as the twang are from birmingham... But also unfortunate as I'm racist against brummies in the same way :P Neither people from birmingham or scotland are races so I can say what I want and you can't get mad!

But I love bands that give away songs for free, it gives you a taste of the album that will hopefully make you want to add the whole album to your ipod. It does cause tagging issues sometimes but that's surely the only bad thing.

The track has that twingly dreamy guitar in the background ala silversun pickups and the vocals are certainly in the region of just saying things that go along with the music and not worrying about using cliches "we never really try" "I guess we'll never know" "somethings are better left alone" like, this is unimaginative sure but if you just let the track pass through you it's actually quite nice.

O.K well 4 new tracks and one that is gonna get a good few listens on my ipod. I call that a result as I have 21000 tracks on there and around 1,100 are rated so that's above average. Kinda bullshit in a way but I'll try and weed them out further in the future for you guys. Hope you're liking this months Indie/Rock Playlist from Blalock.

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