Friday, 5 June 2009 Hype List

This is more of an experiment that anything else. You're all probably aware of the charts they have coldplay and radiohead all over them. Each week records the highest improvement in plays and listeners over the course of the last 7 days in a list called the "hype list". In the past i've seen it full of music from south korea and lady gaga clones but I saw some
interesting names in there today and wanted to give it one more and maybe a final shot...

Elizabeth and the catapult

From new york the lead singer is called elizabeth so she's named the band after herself, which of course is not cool. They claim to be a mixture of jazz, pop and funk which seems to be a trend in popular music these days "these guys are fresh they're a mix of slap-funk, sunshine-happy-handclap and death-star-facefuck". The singer herself is very much like sara bareilles, but without the red hair :( It's really easy to listen to in that the lyrics aren't pop enough to be annoying but also not profound enough to have any lasting effect.

Download: Rainiest day of summer. It's nice and melancholy, very dark feist. It's the least listened of their available tracks, which says alot about what they're being marketed as.

The boy will drown

I think the definition for this is "deathcore"... I'm thinking these guys could be pioneers in the new genre of shitcore though. Unfortunately I didn't make the latter up myself. So they're experimental music wise and have that shouty man voice that all the other bands have. So yeah this happens a hell of a lot on the hype chart, ridiculous, loud, shouty, deathmetal bands. I probably wouldn't waste your time.

Codes in the clouds

O.K A great name, I like it. Turns out they're instrumental though, I like band names that go with their music and this sure does but I'm just not a huge fan of instrumental bands I am not of the opinion that this is the classical music of the 21st century but rather that these guys don't have the balls to say anything important and instead are wasting your time by "jamming out" at you. They're playing the jericho soon with another instrumentalist by the name of "message to bears" who does paint quite inspiring pictures with his music.


I've looked through the rest of the list and with the exception of bands that people should already know (soft pack, magistrates) it's a whole lot of BS. Ah damn I don't even want to post this blog now but I have to explore all the avenues to find great stuff just sometimes it's not always there.

So yes. In conclusion. The hype list is supergay.

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