Friday, 3 July 2009

Artist of the day- Fight Like Apes

Alright let's get this thing back on track, each day recently i've tweeted my artists of the day and sometimes I remember how refined my taste is.. and so i'm going to expand on them here, give people links to the music and info about them and stuff.

Fight Like Apes

I fell for the music before I even saw how hot the lead singer was! Brunette's with blue eyes I canNOT get enough of, so quit making out like I can yeah!

FLA are from Ireland, front by MayKay Geraghty with synths and keyboards thrown in with all the other usual band stuff. Each song musically has its own journey driven effectively by the keys and bass and the emotion filled wail of MKG, which at times is insane like on battlestations I've never heard a screech like it and i've seen little fish.

Her lyrics and style are part Hole, Giant Drag and something less definable, a little new young pony club with infinately more sex. This band are on the whole refreshing and don't take themselves too seriously and you know I dig random titles, some of theirs- How am I supposed to kill you if you have all the guns?, David Carradine is a bounty hunter whose robotic arms hate your crotch. And the best- You Filled His Head with Fluffy Clouds and Jolly Ranchers, What Did You Think Was Going to Happen?.

..Here's the torrent link to their only album to date..

Check them out and let me know what you're thinking and catch them live because I missed out on them at a festival earlier this year and it doesn't feel good trust me..

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